5 Creative Home Projects Seniors Can Do

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DIY projects are a fun way for seniors to keep themselves busy and increase the value of their homes. Many people believe home improvement activities require strength and special tools, but they can be quite easy to do. Even seniors with limited mobility can try out these creative home improvement tasks.

1. Plant Some Greenery

People of all ages can increase their home’s curb appeal. Active seniors may enjoy planting a garden or undertaking other extensive projects, while those with limited mobility can design and fill window boxes. This home project helps seniors get some fresh air and sunshine while making their homes look more appealing.

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2. Install a Tiled Backsplash

This fun project is similar to making a mosaic along a wall. Seniors will enjoy planning patterns and arranging the tiles above their stove or sink. Most backsplashes can be installed while sitting in a chair and applying the small tiles to the wall. Seniors with limited endurance should consider getting a little help grouting after they apply the design with adhesive.

3. Add New Drawer Knobs

If your loved one can easily turn a screwdriver and operate a drill, he or she can do this project. Updating the knobs on cabinets and drawers is an easy way to make the home look more stylish. Look for ones that accent your loved one’s design color palette. Since door knobs are inexpensive, this project is one of the most affordable ways to spruce up a property.

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4. Decorate Shelves

If your loved one’s home has shelves, he or she can easily add a little color and life to them. Put contact paper in different colors along the back and top of a shelf to make it look appealing, or use glue to apply ribbons or fabric to the edge of the shelf. This adds some color to the home even when the shelves are stacked with utilitarian objects. 

5. Create a Gallery Wall

This interior design is perfect for seniors who have a lot of family photos or art collections to display. Pick a variety of frames in matching colors and styles, or save some money by painting yard sale frames to make them all match. Most interior designers recommend drawing out the display on a piece of graph paper before placing it on the wall. Seniors with limited mobility should get help for hanging up the pictures.

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