Dementia Care

Premier Coral Gables Dementia Care Promotes Independence

Caring for seniors with dementia requires a balance between meeting their individual needs and respecting their desire to maintain independence for as long as possible. At Home Care Assistance in Coral Gables, FL, we understand this delicate balance. Our memory care specialists empower seniors throughout the various stages of dementia. While respecting a senior’s autonomy, our professional dementia caregivers ensure safety and provide the support necessary to maintain a higher quality of life in the comfort of home.

In-Home Caregivers Are a Positive Asset for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia takes many different forms and can sometimes cause increases in mood swings, confusion, anxiety, and depression. The right forms of communication and a gentle hand can go a long way toward preventing these negative emotions and behaviors. Coral Gables Home Care Assistance dementia caregivers receive specialized training in dementia care that focuses on memory skills, communication, and cognitive stimulation using our exclusive Cognitive Therapeutics Method. Trainings provide the tools our dementia caregivers need to effectively assist seniors with dementia while remaining calm, focused, and positive.

Dementia Care Is Customized to the Individual

To increase the quality of care for seniors with dementia, Home Care Assistance of Coral Gables creates individualized care plans to meet specific needs. Dementia care plans are developed with involvement from the senior, the family, and medical professionals, which ensures no need goes unmet, and the flexibility of our care means plans can easily be revised as the disease progresses or whenever care needs change.

Dementia Care Offers Respite for Families

A diagnosis of dementia impacts family caregivers as well because it can be mentally and physically exhausting to manage the complex needs of a person living with this condition. Home Care Assistance Coral Gables’s flexible scheduling makes it easy for family caregivers to take a break whenever they need to, which allows them to maintain a career and family, manage personal and medical needs, and step away from the home while knowing their loved one is being cared for by a high-quality, reliable dementia caregiver.

If you are searching for effective memory care for a senior loved one with dementia, Home Care Assistance in Coral Gables can provide the high-quality care he or she needs. Call 1 (305) 964-5636 to schedule your free evaluation anytime.